Obsidian Markdown to Medium Converter

Patrick Berry
3 min readMay 22, 2022

I have been using obsidian for several months as a personal knowledge base, research, and writing tool.

The Problem

I am currently only writing for Medium and one of my frustrations has been that there is no simple way to export content from Obsidian into Medium. Copying a note from Obsidian and pasting it into the Medium editor requires significant editing to correct the formatting.

Markdown to Medium

Fredrik Andersson has created an Open Source application that converts Markdown format text and converts it to HTML that can be copied and pasted directly into the Medium text editor.

The code is available on GitHub at, https://github.com/fanderzon/markdown-to-medium-tool.

Hosted Solution

The author has made a hosted solution available at, http://markdown-to-medium.surge.sh/.


Using the tool is simple,

  1. Open your Obsidian vault
  2. Navigate to the file you would like to publish in Medium (a .md file)
  3. Open the file with a plain text editor (I use VS Code, Notepad can also be used)
  4. Select the text and copy it to the clipboard
  5. Open the application http://markdown-to-medium.surge.sh/
  6. Paste the text into the left-hand pane
  7. Select the HTML…



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